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Perky Superfoods Snack Bites

We are very proud to be offering innovative healthy snacks that are delicious, energizing, Paleo, Kosher, Gluten Free and non-GMO.  Three new flavors of Perky Superfoods Snack Bites: Mango Coconut, Mango Pineapple, and Mango Spinach & Kale.    

Featuring mango, the world's most popular fruit, paired with just one or two premium superfoods for a simple, healthy tropical treat, Perky Snack Bites are sure to revitalize any grocery, convenience or corner store aisle. We pride ourselves on only premium, simple ingredients - with no added sugar, preservatives or additives, and our superfoods are gently dehydrated for maximum nutritional benefit and a fresh, delightful taste.  


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 100% Natural*Paleo Friendly*Non-GMO*Low Glycemic*Enzymes*Gluten Free*Vegan*Paleo*Kosher*Eco-Friendly Fruitful Children dehydrators run on 100% Wind Energy to ensure eco-friendly manufacturing

3. Fueling The Journey Toward Your Greatest Good!

 Delicious Flavors, Healthy, Grab and go, Perfect for all ages, No guilt food, Fun and Nutritious, Nourishing rich ingredients, A great energy boost, Easy to use everywhere, A great sport snack, For busy people on the go, Fits in the pocket, Healthy snack, Easy digestible food, Empowers the body, Empowers the mind, Empowers the spirit, No sugar, No additives. 

 I received your samples today – they were delicious! 

Rachel L , Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution  

 Everyone really liked them!! They were chewy and had a great texture. One bite and you knew it was real fruit and not a processed sugar snack!!

 Jill K , Founder of Get Up and Get Moving, Featured on Dr. Oz Show, WebMD, Yahoo.com  

 Perky Fruit Bodies aims to revolutionize healthy snacking. The snacks are low glycemic index compared to other similar fruit snack options helps a person’s energy levels stay stable. 

Bethany S , Chicago Athlete Magazine  

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 We are dedicated to researching and creating an unparalleled variety of delicious, natural superfood snacks that are ideal for active individuals who want nutritious snacks that are sustainable for our planet.


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12 units.